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When former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) appeared in New Hampshire last week, local activists connected to People for the American
There were 12 bills in total. They included an amendment to reverse the 2010 Citizens United decision, several measures to
"It's really a phenomenal shift towards the issue of money and politics being not just a process question, but a question
WASHINGTON -- The Senate voted Monday to debate a constitutional amendment overturning the Supreme Court's 2010 Citizens
"Although he opposed billionaires using their own money to run for office, Senator McConnell now supports billionaires’ ability
CLARIFICATION: Language has been added to make clear that the proposed constitutional amendment would restore congressional
The 2010 Citizens United decision allowed corporations and unions to spend unlimited sums of money on elections as long as
With the majority of state legislative sessions now ending, amendment supporters are looking to take their successes to Washington
(H/T Raw Story) Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) criticized a proposed constitutional amendment to eliminate
Stephen Spaulding joins Mike to give us an overview of the Citizens United constitutional amendments.
In a January 2012 poll commissioned by Democracy Corps and Public Campaign, 62 percent of Americans said they opposed the
Over the past two years, 17 bills to pass a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United have been proposed by members
Conservative politicians and groups are largely behind a renewed push to have the states call a constitutional convention
Delegate John Ellem, R-Wood, dusted off the history books and pointed out the Dutch East India Company, the first multi-national
Schiff offered two "remedies" to what he described as "the destructive campaign finance situation we find ourselves in." Along
"That's something I understand the Republicans used to support but are not so supportive of now," he said. "And I would certainly
An 18th bill has been proposed. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Burbank) recently introduced a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens
There were at least 17 constitutional amendments introduced in Congress last year to repeal Citizens United and previous
The voting rights movement and the Money Out of Politics movement are finding common ground and creating a dynamic new coalition that will make each far stronger and will together create powerful momentum for resisting the growing threats to American democracy.
Within two weeks, once the Citizens United measure language has been drafted, the LA City Council is expected to vote in