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“I would like to control the money in politics to the extent it will destroy the political process,” Graham said. Foval’s
WASHINGTON -- On Wednesday, the fifth anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling, House and Senate Democrats
Long backed by the Kochs and their Wichita, Kansas-based company Koch Industries, Roberts has been a leading opponent of
WASHINGTON -- The Senate voted Monday to debate a constitutional amendment overturning the Supreme Court's 2010 Citizens
"[O]ur campaign finance practices should reflect the values not of a 1 percent court setting up an exclusionary 'wealth primary
CLARIFICATION: Language has been added to make clear that the proposed constitutional amendment would restore congressional
The 2010 Citizens United decision allowed corporations and unions to spend unlimited sums of money on elections as long as
WASHINGTON -- Pushback against the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision keeps growing in the states. Over the first six
McConnell made several strong comments during Friday's AEI event, from accusing the Obama administration of pushing a "culture
Stephen Spaulding joins Mike to give us an overview of the Citizens United constitutional amendments.
In a January 2012 poll commissioned by Democracy Corps and Public Campaign, 62 percent of Americans said they opposed the
The campaign for the proposition is being led by political watchdog Common Cause, in partnership with the California Public
“Most of the energy on Article V is on the right side of the aisle -- people who want to shut down the Obama administration
The West Virginia resolution is advisory in nature and tells Congress that the House of Delegates wants a measure passed
"I think the effect of the new spending that has been unleashed by Citizens United will have a dramatic impact on how campaigns
Peters, who served in local government before running for Congress, told Owens that in his new position in Washington, he
Winkler pointed to women's suffrage as an example of how long it takes to amend the Constitution. Women's suffrage first
Organizers say focusing on the state level helps to build grassroots support where a short-term win -- the passage of a resolution
The voting rights movement and the Money Out of Politics movement are finding common ground and creating a dynamic new coalition that will make each far stronger and will together create powerful momentum for resisting the growing threats to American democracy.
"Congress members may respect the opinions of the city councils, but councilors are not their 'boss,'” Derek Cressman, director