Citizens United v. FEC

“Even worse than super PACs themselves are single-candidate super PACs,” End Citizens United wrote in light of the Washington governor's presidential bid.
Nonprofits and industry groups with undisclosed funding poured $150 million into the 2018 elections.
The lame-duck power grabs in Wisconsin, Michigan and North Carolina are part of a larger effort by Republicans to delegitimize any opponent.
The 98-year-old opened up about his nearly 35-year tenure on the high court in a New York Times interview.
Why would politicians and their billionaire backers expend so much political capital (and actual capital) attacking unions when unions in America represent a small fraction of the workforce--around 11 percent?
Senator McConnell doesn't have a constitutional leg on which to stand when he argues against the right of citizens to know the identity of secret donors funding campaign expenditures to influence their votes.
Unless President Obama convinces Americans that their democracy is being stolen now, in the 2012 election, and prevails by doing so, the Middle East issue simply disappears into the larger catastrophe: the end of the American democratic experiment after 225 years.
This is not a progressive issue or a conservative issue. This is not a Tea Party issue or a liberal issue. This is an American issue. Money is destroying our politics and our political system. The signs are everywhere.
America is up for sale. But don't blame the Supreme Court. The Justices didn't place us on the auction block when they opened the corporate floodgate last week, they just showed what's always been there.