City Council

The Minneapolis City Council unanimously approved a plan to allow the elimination of its police department. But what would dismantling law enforcement look like?
A District of Columbia election proves candidates who want to defund the police can win city council posts that give them direct power over police funding.
Wylie Mayor Eric Hogue cites biblical passage saying women should "keep silence in the churches."
The West Coast city is getting more active about preventing homelessness.
The city council is expected to pass a bill aiming to protect New Yorkers who don't have bank accounts.
The vote came less than a year after the city council decided to rename The Paseo for the civil rights icon.
A ballot measure would make the city the most populous place yet in the U.S. to adopt the elections system.
The City Council passed zoning regulations for recreational marijuana sales, but the Black Caucus is concerned about minority-owned business inclusion.
Jean Cramer ended her Marysville City Council race after widespread backlash over a slew of racist comments she made.
Don Grundmann of Modesto, California, drew unintended laughter at a city council meeting this week with a telling gaffe.