civic engagement

It's the result of major efforts in the state to increase youth civic engagement.
Failing to address Des Moines' earnings gap isn’t very “nice.”
Barack Obama gave his first public speech since leaving The White House. Speaking in Chicago, he spoke about raising the next generation of political leaders.
Civic engagement does not end at the polls or when your candidate does not win.
“It’s on you, in your city or community, to keep on driving change.”
As director of Public Citizen's Texas office (see, Smitty has an uncanny civic personality that has helped win
(By the way, that 100,000 hours translates to more than 4,100 days, or 11 years.) Civic engagement at this level isn't ancillary
I write on Inauguration Day in the United States of America, a national occasion on which we, the citizenry, watch the peaceful