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In particular, the book examines the rise in the United States of participatory budgeting (PB), a process that empowers community
Games for Change is poised to bring about a new brand of morally responsible video games.
How can democracy best endure through rough times? Whether online or off, civil communication is vital for democratic resilience.
In 2015, the solar industry celebrated three historic moments -- in Paris, world leaders came together and agreed to reduce
Identifying the location of pedestrian and cyclist injuries is a key first step for cities to reduce the occurrence.
Politwoops and more than 30 similar services around the world will once again be able to operate.
More cities will receive grants to solve pressing local problems.
Its new Bing Political Index will also help you compare the candidates.
A new contest offers $50 million to the city with the best plan.
The lesson for cities struggling to harness the power of data: Start with the problem.