civil asset forfeiture

The DOJ is resuming a controversial civil forfeiture program, while establishing some modest new safeguards.
A decision this week could be another sign that justices are prepared to restrict the controversial use of asset forfeiture.
The controversial practice endangers Americans' civil liberties, critics say.
The Supreme Court justice's skepticism of civil asset forfeiture may signal the court would be receptive to a review.
The president endorsed civil asset forfeiture, which lets police seize even innocent people's property.
The bipartisan push suggests public opinion is now firmly in favor of civil asset forfeiture reform.
“Want to give his name? We’ll destroy his career," Trump said, to laughter.
Another state moves to reform the controversial practice known as civil asset forfeiture.
Unlike many victims of civil asset forfeiture abuse, Charles Clarke's story has a happy ending.
The state just became the latest -- and largest -- to reform the controversial practice of civil asset forfeiture.