civil fraud trial

Mary Trump, the former president's niece, called the penalty in the New York business fraud case "the end of my grandfather’s legacy."
New York's attorney general has asked for a penalty of $370 million and to bar Trump from working in the state's real estate industry again.
Norm Eisen mentioned one potential outcome that could hit Trump in a most personal way.
The former president isn't a lawyer but that's not stopping his aim to deliver his own closing argument, sources say.
A social media post attempting to discredit the judge overseeing Trump’s civil fraud trial shows a court reporter, not the judge’s son.
His social media posts were not threatening despite the hundreds of alarming calls and messages to court staff others sent in their wake, he alleges in a court filing.
The former president has been repeatedly critical of Judge Arthur Engoron and a law clerk who advises the judge in the New York civil fraud trial.