civil liberties

A HuffPost investigation found that despite a surge of cash and renewed energy, a key department within the storied civil liberties group was plagued by strategic misfires and a staff revolt.
Deborah Archer will be the ACLU’s eighth president since 1920.
Many progressive lawmakers have pushed reforms based on Snowden’s leaks, which makes their silence about a potential pardon that much more curious.
The Republican-controlled Senate came unexpectedly close to passing protections around internet browsing — and it's putting pressure on the House to now take it seriously.
The falling crime rate has led some defenders of the controversial policy to admit they were wrong.
About 50 employees have volunteered to have the chips implanted in their hands.
The TSA is looking for more than summer reading recommendations - it’s giving your books extra scrutiny. The government agency says it’s just for security, but it’s raising civil liberty concerns.
A civil rights center named for Fred Korematsu, one of the Americans who fought back during that period, now hopes the courts stand up.
Asad Dandia, a plaintiff in Raza v. City of New York, talks about his fight against the NYPD's Muslim surveillance program.