Civil Rights Act of 1964

Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch delivered the court's resounding victory for LGBTQ rights on Monday.
The federal decision in a Connecticut-based dispute, which stemmed from 2 trans student sprinters, could have national implications.
At CNN's town hall, the former vice president and 2020 candidate told the murder victim's mother about his support for the Equality Act to solidify LGBTQ rights.
The court's decision in the employment discrimination case is expected by early summer 2020.
The "Queer Eye" star and the House speaker met on Capitol Hill to discuss the Equality Act and taking down discrimination against LGBTQ people.
The Supreme Court is considering three cases that look at whether LGBTQ employees are protected under federal civil rights law.
The issue is whether Title VII of the federal Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits sex discrimination, protects LGBTQ people from job discrimination.
"My child is free to be who they are," the Democratic congresswoman said during a House hearing on the Equality Act.
The West Virginia lawmaker said he wouldn't support the Equality Act as written, specifically pointing to provisions for transgender students.
Democrats plan to move forward with the bill if they win the House majority.