Civil Rights Division

Alexander Acosta's record at the Department of Justice and in academia raises some concerns.
Civil rights lawyers want the DOJ to give judges who break the law a taste of their own medicine.
Nimali Henry was only behind bars because she couldn't afford to buy her freedom.
Her plan would also put federal funds into police training and collaborative reform.
Conrad Alvin Barrett was sentenced to 71 months behind bars.
A DOJ report finds the harsh treatment of black children in Ferguson-area courts "cannot be explained by factors other than race."
Civil rights advocates are hopeful that Gupta's long history of reform and her sensitivity to issues of police abuse will
Tony Rice, a protest organizer and Ferguson resident, said he hopes the Ferguson department dissolves, but he is unsure about
Holder also said he was "confident that people will be satisfied with the results that we announce" and said that his prior
The Justice Department also claimed to have identified "several cases" where "officers shot or shot at people who did not
“Like any appointee to this position, because it deals with things like voter ID that are controversial and pretty partisan
She also called the laws legalizing marijuana in Washington and Colorado "racial justice victories" and said the war on drugs
“She knows what’s supposed to be done. She’s seen it, she grew up with it, she smelled it and lived it her whole life,” said