civil society

"We have got to be more respectful to the other side."
Once again I see this phrase in the news: “civil society.” If you are worried about the direction of American democracy, here’s
While disruption may seem inevitable, city and governmental leaders can overcome it by understanding the causes, defining
Many of the business and political leaders gathering in Davos this week will be focused on how to protect the global economic order - and their interests - after a year of major political and social upheavals.
One of the key passages of the Paris Agreement was inclusive of non-state actors. During COP22, I attended a side event on
Progressive organizations are absolutely essential to protecting our rights and to preserving our democracy and deserver our ongoing support, but they will also face unprecedented challenges; and Americans would be over-optimistic to simply assume that this longstanding safeguard will remain effective in the coming Trump years.
Satoko Horii, Assistant professor, Akita International University What's more, refugees' engagement in self-generating economic
"Our National Dialogue initiative is just a maneuver to provide us with political cover for a continuation of the war...." The
The most worrying event, however, was what can only be called a politically motivated trial. On November 29th, the ex-senator
As the holiday season begins in the U.S. with families and friends gathering around tables for Thanksgiving, I am beginning