civil suit

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The suit alleges false arrest, excessive use of force, civil rights violations and a failure to train or supervise the agents adequately.
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Defendant Stu Olds often ridiculed plaintiff Laura Hagan about her accent, frequently commenting that her Spanish accent
A former AIG lawyer is suing the insurance giant for discrimination, claiming colleagues and supervisors taunted him, mistreated
According to the SEC, the twins bilked 75,000 people, mostly in the U.S., out of $1.2 million in the three years that they
San Francisco
"Any damages or injuries suffered by [the] plaintiff were occasioned by his own wrongful acts," attorney Dale Allen, who
The "See Something, Say Something Act" seeks to amend the Homeland Security Act so that any person who files a report in "good faith" will be immune from civil suit. We should be skeptical of any act extending immunity from the law.
Los Angeles
Claiming Camping knew he was "wrong" -- a.k.a. lying -- is a big deal because Harold Camping made some fairly serious claims when he started talking about Judgment Day.
New York
In light of the recent revelations, members of the Bastardi family were planning on meeting with the Westchester County District