Civil Unions

Right now, we have to deal with further anxiety and uncertainty. There is an inequality written into the law that threatens our existence, our families, and our choices.
If you are in a loving, committed relationship, then you have probably been asked a million times "why don't you get married?" But there are lots of couples who choose to be together indefinitely without a marriage ceremony.
Still, others vow to keep up the fight for marriage equality.
After Ireland legalized same-sex marriage in a historic referendum this past Saturday, Italy is now the only nation in Western
It's no secret many view Pope Francis as liberal and Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia as conservative. While Archbishop Chaput said such political labels are not useful and flawed, there's certainly a difference between the two men.
Peruvian lawmakers are set to debate a same-sex civil unions bill introduced by Congressman Carlos Bruce. But Peru's Catholic Church strongly opposes the bill and is calling for a national referendum instead.
Marriage is an outdated institution whose symbolic significance has been cheapened by the sheer number of people who casually enter and exit it. But why single out gay marriage as the problem when it's straight people who have been abusing it all along?
"If I saw the reports accurately, he didn't come right out and say he was for them," said Dolan in an interview with David
Nathan Woodliff-Stanley, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Colorado, also praised the suit. Colorado
As the debate over marriage equality continues, two significant questions have consistently reared their heads: First, is marriage?; and second, who should regulate it?