civil unrest

The retailer sells firearms in about half of its 4,750 U.S. stores.
After days of unrest, the white officer who knelt on the Black man’s neck was charged with third-degree murder. Floyd’s family wants the other officers arrested, too.
The controversial ruling by the Constitutional Court may have made the extension of President Kabila's term beyond the constitutional
Our job as mothers, fathers, and parents, is to be their first teacher and their first leader educating them on privilege and race relations.
Municipal IQ economist Karen Heese characterises the rise in local protests as worrying. As the narrative goes, protests
Forced migration, food insecurity and failure of government to provide for basic population needs make populations far more susceptible to extremism, political uprising and wide-scale destabilization.
Will climate change by itself break the global food system in the next 10 to 15 years? That's unlikely. But add population growth, failed states, armed conflict and political instability to the mix and the picture starts looking a lot more combustible. Places that are already grappling with other strains may well be driven over the edge by climate-induced food price spikes.
Lack of values, justice and fairness between police and black Americans is the decades-long backdrop leading up to Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice and so many others that are part of the "Ferguson Effect" in our country.
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This entire choreographed song-and-dance of social injustice is all pointing in one clear direction: Word that will come very soon -- maybe this week, maybe next, most likely on the coldest rainy or snowy day in the forecast -- that Officer Wilson will not face charges.