civilian casualties

Afghan and international forces killed more than 700 civilians in the first six months of the year.
The figure is hundreds more than the number the U.S.-led coalition claims over the entire four-year campaign against IS, the groups said.
Coalition forces have imposed severe restrictions on Red Sea ports and Sanaa airport, depriving Yemenis of vital supplies which may also constitute international crimes, the independent experts said.
His administration is killing unusually large numbers of civilians, in violation of U.S. and international law.
War remains a kind of religion, but only if the public can be kept at a distance from its stench and realness.
Dozens of civilian casualties are reported.
Children are paying the price for decades of conflict in that country.
Even when CENTCOM finally responds, numbers are likely to diverge significantly: by August 2015, the SOHR estimated that 181 civilians were killed in coalition airstrikes while US-CENTCOM reported the death of only two.
At least 56 civilians, including 11 children, died in airstrikes on Tuesday, monitors said.