claire underwood

The latest teaser for the sixth and final season shows what it looks like when Robin Wright’s Claire Underwood steps into the presidency.
Robin Wright's Claire Underwood delivers an epic speech at the foot of her husband's gravesite.
Kevin Spacey's Frank Underwood is out. Wright's Claire Underwood is in.
Women and our warmth will not be dictated by people’s bias, discomfort, or moral judgment.
“Democracy is so overrated.” Who said it - real life President Donald Trump or “House of Cards” President Frank Underwood?
Nobody -- not even the "House of Cards" character -- should spend so much time in heels that high!
She is the global brand ambassador for Montblanc, the face of Gucci Cosmetics and is regularly on the Vanity Fair Best Dressed List, as is the case again this year. Her style is majestic, graceful (no pun intended), athletic and oh so very French.
I am drawn to powerful women who prefer pearls to diamonds, dresses to pants and pencil skirts to mini skirts. Some of these women are real. And some are fictional, such as Catherine Banning or Claire Underwood, who is my latest fashion obsession.
4. We finally saw Frank & Claire have sex ... but it wasn't about sex "In that scene Frank is perhaps the most vulnerable
When "House of Cards" returns on Friday for it's third season there will be a new president in office, and as we know, he's
"I'm starting to question all of this. What are we doing this for?" Claire asks in the latest "House of Cards" trailer. "For
Those of us lucky enough to catch some of "House of Cards'" third season during this week's Netflix leak have a rough idea
It was the best of times, it was House of Cards season 2. No television show explains all the things (hello True Detective; hello Lost), but season 2 left me wondering a few things that maybe you know the answer to and can fill me and the rest of us in on?
Claire finally got off the couch and started to do some of her own inveigling this season. She threatened the health and
Nothing says Valentine's Day like cutthroat backstabbing and blackmail. In preparation for candlelit dinners and / or binge