Love hurts, they say, but not for this teenage couple. Dylan and Lexie were walking in Claremont, California, on Thursday
I have known Augie Nieto for over 25 years as the founder and owner of Life Fitness, one of the world's largest manufacturer's of Cardio & Strength equipment. When I first met Augie he was driving around in a Slugo Motor Home trying to sell his LifeCycles to Nautilus clubs.
This year on the Fourth of July -- just three days before he turned 99 -- Grandpa donned an Uncle Sam outfit created by my late aunt Susie, hopped on a tricycle my mom decorated with red, white and blue streamers, and rode in the Claremont parade.
After sharing my personal business background and my inspiration for launching NFTE, I outlined the 12 things every young person should know about business.
When I decided to head off to Claremont Village for a whisky tasting, I wasn't sure what I would find. What I discovered, however, was a historic downtown village with charm and character, filled with parks and wilderness areas.
Fixing immigration and fixing labor are inseparable. Immigration reform could give increasing freedom to workers to organize without fear, but without vigorous protections on organizing, employers still hold all the cards.
The House That Sam Built: Sam Maloof and Art in the Pomona Valley, 1945-1985 The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and
Four years after New York City's oldest continuously operated stable in closed its doors, the city plans to return horseback
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Los Angeles Magazine has rounded up the best places to spend your time and money in Claremont, California. Located just thirty