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Are college health plans life-saving bargains or ripoffs?
To explain the importance of marketing and convince a skeptical audience to believe it, it is useful to quote a well-respected
They claimed a "Mudd Goes Madd" event made fun of people with mental health issues.
A marketing consultant has to sell a product that most don't understand, to people that are not sure that they need it, and are skeptical of its value. So why would anyone want to do marketing consulting? Good question.
Everything will, instead, be online. Education will be free. It will be worldwide. It will be accessible. It will be meritocratic. Gone will be professors. Gone will be PhD degrees. Gone will be Harvard. Carey now knows The Secret of Education.
Why do intelligent people wanting to use their intelligence to solve the world's social problems tend to shun marketing?
When I decided to head off to Claremont Village for a whisky tasting, I wasn't sure what I would find. What I discovered, however, was a historic downtown village with charm and character, filled with parks and wilderness areas.