Clarence Clemmons

According to Janita... "This has been a breakthrough album for me in many ways––there’s a common thread of joyful defiance
"My favorite writers were always real personal writers. I loved Jackson Browne's early stuff and John Lennon's stuff where you thought he was singing about you when he sang "Help," but he was really singing about himself."
MR: There is a massive amount of music here, and I think it's bigger than any box set that doesn't just collect albums that
The on-stage magic that existed between Bruce Springsteen and his E-Street Bandmate Clarence Clemons was a nearly four decade
2011-06-29-Screenshot20110629at8.50.09AM.pngIt used to be everybody was "Working For The Weekend." Now, everybody is working on the weekend.
The cover photo of Born to Run -- Springsteen grinning and leaning on Clemons' broad shoulder -- meets the standard for iconic rock n' roll images. And its status is rooted in the beautiful story that picture tells.
He wasn't a comedian, of course, but Clarence Clemons filled us with joy all the same. He will be missed. Bruce Springsteen
"Badlands" Clemons played with numerous other artists, including Ringo Starr and Aretha Franklin. He also released five solo
Bruce, arm-in-arm with his old E Street gang, seems to be working on his own dream of growing old, not just gracefully, but significantly.