clarissa explains it all

The actress also gave an update on the possible return of Nickelodeon’s “Clarissa Explains It All.”
"Sabrina" and "Clarissa Explains It All" ideas are apparently being thrown around.
She’s a disappointingly bland 20-something Manhattanite now. But there are some steamy sex scenes!
Don't remember this one? There might be a reason for that. Read about it here. The creator explained why they chose to focus
Twenty years ago this week, Nickelodeon aired the series finale of Clarissa Explains It All. The show, which debuted in 1991
Hart landed the cover of Maxim magazine, but says she didn't exactly prepare for the all-day shoot. "I'd gone to the Playboy
Tia Mowry just posted possibly the most quintessentially '90s photo, ever. That is, in order from left to right, Clarissa
"I got called every name in the book," Hart revealed. "[People wrote] that they hope I die, and that they hope my children
10. Paper can be sexy. 6. 9-5 jobs aren't really a thing. You will spend the majority of your 20-something hours at a coffee
Now, 18 years after the pilot wasn't picked up to series, Kriegman is reconnecting fans with Clarissa, who's now in her mid
Probably because the Moon was basically revealed to be the world's largest webcam this week, Americans have been obsessed with a bygone era.
The goal of the campaign, Hart said, was to help her land her first leading role since "Drive Me Crazy." The actress congratulated
Actress Melissa Joan Hart stopped by HuffPost Live Monday to chat about her Kickstarter campaign to raise movie for her latest
Back then, Nickelodeon was king when it came to children's programming, and under Stick Stickly's guidance, the network produced
In this brief clip from the kid's comedy "Clarissa Explains It All," Clarissa Darling (played by Melissa Joan Hart) is fighting