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Just over a month before Sheldon Adelson's family was revealed as the new owner of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, three reporters
"I’ve done everything I can do to try and correct this problem," Kelly said. "It hurts us and this community and there’s
The teen was ordered by the judge to report to the Clark County Juvenile Justice Center on Friday, to begin serving his sentence
The woman reportedly said Dean had asked to be called "Daisy" and said she "was in a bad situation and needed to get out
Dean's parents reportedly found her wallet, bank card and glasses in their house when she vanished on June 23. The journal
In this story, it was regular citizens and a federal court, not the Ghost of Christmas Future, that gave the County a glimpse of what it means to be on the hook for Clean Water Act fines.
It's now my one-year anniversary of my marriage to my husband and of marriage winning at the ballot box for the first time. In the time that's passed, I've seen how much difference marriage makes -- and how much more work needs to be done, especially in Oregon, the state right next door to mine.
Jade was last seen Friday by family members, when she got into a red, 2007 four-door Saab with her father's fiancee, 50-year
Jade Morris, 10, was last seen Friday by family members, when she got into a red, 2007 four-door Saab with her father's fiancee
The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that Clark County School District, which teaches nearly 75 percent of all the state’s
Authorities busted her on outstanding warrants for drug paraphernalia, skipping bail and theft, according to the Columbian
In schools, learning is getting more personalized, more engaging, and more online. These three benefits -- customization, motivation, and equalization -- are changing the learning curve.
In addition to suspending student's driving privileges, A.B. 64 includes more drastic measures. The bill proposed punishing
Illustration used with permission of Las Vegas Weekly. Well, not this time. I'm sure she wasn't the only one, but a Democratic
People in the Tea Party are mostly white, mostly Republican and mostly misinformed, but they are also dangerous. Despite appearances of weakness, they are still here and they're not going anywhere soon. Progressives must recognize the threat.
Nothing energizes the right more than the fear of losing a presidential election. McCain has capitalized on this collective anxiety by constantly referring to himself as the underdog, while attacking Obama.