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Keep on Keepin' On is a beautiful film about the love of friendship. It is a poetic film about mentoring, loving life and honoring musical talent.
After that I did go back to Australia and a local channel wanted to make a documentary about my friendship with Clark. We
The story of pioneering jazz flugelhornist and trumpeter Clark "CT" Terry is highlighted in the inspiring new documentary
Justin Kauflin joins HuffPost Live to talk about how Clark Terry helped him become a star.
Quincy Jones is to music what Steven Spielberg is to film. In a career that has spanned over 60 years, Jones has been a musician, composer, producer, mentor, philanthropist and guiding force that has helped shape the music business, popular culture, and much of society's manners, mores and events.
The Telluride Film Festival offers a great span of cinema, from premiering Oscar contenders to silent-era black-and-white gems to small budget independents that will never play widely but may earn an enduring cult audience.
"I came to New York from Wollongong, Australia when I was 18 to study jazz and drums and I ran out of money. I needed to
Hicks, a former student of Terry's who spent more than four and a half years making the film, told The Huffington Post that
Willner explains his vision: "Last year we had Darrel Hammond and Triumph the Insult Dog, with Bono and Randy Weston. I love