class action

His lawyers have been working on the suit for months, and will argue that "all machines" are “defective devices,” the MyPillow CEO told a crowd.
Former students of Franco's now-defunct acting school have accused the actor of forcing them into exploitative sexual situations.
Slide Fire Solutions wants money from shooter Stephen Paddocks's estate to settle a class-action suit against the company. But assets are set to go to victims.
Lead plaintiff Fair Fight Action said it will look at additional legal options to restore the voters.
Filed on Equal Pay Day, the lawsuit argues that the company “tends to value male workers more than female workers."
The Me Too movement takes a massive hit from a new decision written by Justice Neil Gorsuch.
A new ruling allows employers to force workers into class-action waivers. As one justice put it, the case cuts to "the entire heart of the New Deal."
Last week, an analysis of the newsroom's pay structure revealed wide discrepancies along racial and gender lines.
Using laws written by Napoleon, lawyers in the state are taking on drug makers and distributors, and the suit could potentially overshadow a far bigger federal case.
The Florida club breached contracts by dodging reimbursements, a judge ruled.