class of 2015

I know the students worked hard, but perhaps Class of 2015 shouldn't refer to any student who finished any grade this year. Let's save the pomp and circumstance for just one very special circumstance: the day a person is actually awarded her hard-earned degree.
No one says you should be able to take the long view at age 21, but you should appreciate the fact that countless people have come before you, often struggled more than you have and endured and even flourished, emerging much stronger for the experience.
There are many forces trying to fragment teachers from working together for their students' true interests. We need young teachers to stand together.
We should look to the titanic figures that have shaped our world for millennia before we were even born and see that they kept alive their sense of possibility, not only past the age of 22 but for their entire lives.
This week the Academy Award winner brought his colorful ways to the University of Houston in a commencement speech for more than 4,000 graduates.
President Mary Hinton, professors and staff, family and friends, and the College of St Benedict's Class of 2015, it is an honor for me to address you today.
What new graduates expect to earn in their first job is not as much as what other recent grads have actually been making.
It’s that time again. As colleges around the U.S. send their graduates off into the real world, they’re using some high profile names to bid them farewell.
While Commencement is a time of celebration and achievement, it is also a time when we can impart a final nugget of wisdom to all of our graduates. Here is what I would like to tell them.
For millennial aged graduates entering the career world, you must be armed with tools and strategies to distinguish yourselves from the pack.
If unnecessary stress is your jam, then by all means, listen to a bunch of people who have no idea what they're talking about.
Every process or journey has a million different turns, but rejection isn't the end. Besides, my generation will all be drowning in student loan debt long after we see our first acceptance letter.
When I was asked to do a post on what my advice would be to college grads about to enter the workforce and begin job searching, my concern was that having graduated nearly a decade ago (so crazy), I'm already too old to be relevant.
The previous three years of high school went by in the blink of an eye, and senior year will be no different. Navigating the final year of high school can be eerily similar to the first, with a lot of nerves and high expectations for the "best year ever."
So are there any words of wisdom or comfort that I can offer to my fellow members of the class of 2015? I can only share with you the advice that I give to myself and do my best to follow.
Congratulations, you've finally made it to college! The next four years of your life are going to be a fantastic experience
Are you surprised by these numbers? Let us know in the comments section. According to the Washington Post, the increases
I've been at Davos talking about a different kind of "economic stimulus package." One not for banks or financial markets, but for the world's poorest people: full funding of global education.