class of 2016

If your credit score is on the low side, focus on building it by keeping credit card balances at or below 30% of your line
Earlier this month, my son's Riley, age 16, and Drew, age 18, sat down with me to discuss education, my career, and advice for the Class of 2016.
So, as I send you off, as we read your names again, this time in a space of celebration, I hope you will tell your story
The Class of 2016 chose majors and academic degrees at university based on a passion for an area(s) of study. Accenture Strategy
"It was great to have her there to see me move onto the next level, which is college."
I reached out to 40 leaders from various professions--many of whom are friends, colleagues, or acquaintances--and asked them one question: What advice would you give the 2016 graduating class?
Neither success nor happiness needs to be elusive nor does rejection need to hold you back. There are plenty of examples
Learning how to conduct a successful job hunt and pitch yourself well are important skills for job seekers to learn. Since you don't have a strong track record yet, you will have to use a little artifice and thought. After all, if you can't articulate your value, who will?
"You have to stand out these days if you want a job, especially in advertising. Everyone's trying to make themselves different. Everyone's trying to get decent jobs for right after graduation."