classified documents

The former president claimed he could declassify documents "even by thinking about it.”
“It’s amazing that Trump continues to have the confidence of a man who is ready for anything while being prepared for nothing."
The former president makes a wild new claim about the extent of his powers while in office.
Judge Raymond Dearie said the ex-president had to show proof the documents found at Mar-a-Lago had been declassified: "You can't have your cake and eat it."
An empty folder marked "Classified" and a Situation Room brochure remain in full view in a Trump Tower bar even after documents were seized at Mar-a-Lago.
But they suggested it might be OK for Donald Trump to do that.
The former attorney general had the perfect comeback to a weak insult from his old boss.
The "Late Show" host finds something frisky hidden in the legalese.
Such information is so classified only the president and some members of the Cabinet or high-ranking officials know about them.
Most chilling, say legal experts, is that the FBI search of Trump's resort turned up dozens of empty folders marked classified.