Clay Johnson

For more than a decade, women alleged that Clay Johnson, a leader in political tech, physically and verbally abused them.
WASHINGTON -- The bid by Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) to compel the testimony of the top tech expert trying to fix the is just the latest in a long history of projects that have underperformed because of long-standing protocols that discourage all but the biggest technology companies from even submitting bids for government projects.
"When you click on the computer, remember that clicks have consequences," Clay Johnson wrote in the L.A. Times. And he's more than right.
Scott Heiferman proposed, "Use the Internet to get off the Internet!" His suggestion was applauded, despite the furious Blackberry scrolling in the midst of the proceedings.
Sometimes the geekiest stuff is the most important. When it comes to creating a more transparent and accountable government