Clayne Crawford

The actor made the announcement just months after co-star Clayne Crawford was fired over allegations of "emotional abuse."
The "American Pie" star replaced Clayne Crawford after the buddy-cop show's behind-the-scenes controversy last season.
The feud between Wayans and his fired "Lethal Weapon" co-star just got real public.
"You can't fire me on my day off!" the actor cried on Twitter.
Clayne Crawford, who currently co-stars as Martin Riggs, has allegedly created a toxic environment on set.
Still, the third and even the fourth movie worked because we knew the first two. The first film, in particular, found a darkness
The Lethal Weapon films, Miller noted, move quickly away from that dark origin story. The TV show may linger a little longer
Rectify is like the moody art-school sister of True Detective, the elegant, lyrical aunt of The Killing; the perfect combination of drama, suspense, doubt and dysfunction.
I kept wanting to dismiss The Baytown Outlaws and it kept yanking me back into it. Again, I emphasize that it has no interest in being a great film, just an entertaining one with a grindhouse ethos.
Nobody's perfect, least of all The Perfect Host, a thriller that quickly spins out of control, despite a daring performance by David Hyde Pierce in the title role.
When a wanted bank robber stumbles into his L. A. house as he prepares for a dinner party, Pierce is perfect as victim, but then who is the more dangerous?