clean air act

The Clean Air Act shows the power of Congress to change lives.
As the new Mayor of Atlanta, the capital city that anchors the ninth-largest metro in the United States, I take air pollution
Going back to "the 1960 level" isn't a good thing.
The Trump administration held the only hearing on its proposed Clean Power Plan repeal.
In a rare mainstream media interview, the nation’s top environmental regulator blows some smoke.
For Donald Trump, people seem to belong in one of four categories: family, assets, enemies, or irrelevant. Most of the American
Take heart, friends – all hope is not lost for our climate, and our clean air and water. Today I was honored to join an event
The EPA is scrapping the Clean Power Plan -- but it’s still obligated to deal with carbon emissions.
As storms and wildfires besiege our nation, Donald Trump and his EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt will announce Tuesday their
Last week, Democratic leaders in Congress negotiated with President Trump to ensure that our government stays fully funded