Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle brand Goop is recommending coffee enemas as part of its annual detox guide.
The staff greets me by first name and sends me to complete my entrance exam - a visit with Dr. Jeff, the resident psychologist
For the past umpteen months, we have all been inundated with dramatic news of one of the most heated and unusual elections in our lifetime.
If you're a regular follower of my blog, then you already know I recently did a 10-day detox with my husband and daughter.
In the culture we live in, the need for fullness and excess is something that easily permeates our lives. More, more, more
Smoothies offer endless options of ingredients, an easy way to get healthy ingredients into your body and a quick meal on the go.
I'm always the first person to sign up for some kind of detox or cleanse diet. I love the idea of recharging our bodies, re-setting our immune systems, and purging toxins. I especially like the idea of losing a few pounds in the process, which, in most cases, people do.
Here are a few ways to use Matcha:
So I got creative. Below is my lower sugar, more economical version that's just as tasty. Each 8 oz cup clocks in at 70 cents
Have you ever tried a 'tea cleanse'? If you have, you might have experienced feeling lighter, less bloated and perhaps skinnier