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Rush Limbaugh's radio business model has been cracked and broken for several years. News this week of his four-year contract extension does little to repair those fractures, but does raise the specter of his eventual departure from the AM dial.
John Sykes, Co-Founder of MTV and Rock The Vote and current President of I Heart Media, talks about the power of media to turn 18-34 year olds out to vote at the 25th anniversary party for Rock The Vote.
Joan Hamburg (who happens to be my mother) found her purpose and her passion 40 years ago when she began her radio career.
Blaming teachers for education's problems is like blaming doctors for the epidemic of obesity. In both cases the root causes are societal. There's no rush to blame doctors, because, I suspect, doctors are not unionized and until very recently tended to vote Republican.
It might, however, come as a surprise to the 1972 FCC. That year, the Federal Communications Commission discussed a ruling
He found the perfect spot to propose -- the gardens of the historic Ellwanger Estate in Rochester -- and found a caricature artist who was willing to play along.
It doesn't take an MBA to realize paying Rush Limbaugh $50 million a year to anchor cellar-dweller stations in major markets and to host a program that attracts elderly men but fewer national advertisers isn't a blueprint for future success.
But progressive talk radio has been headed down hill since the hopeful days of Air America and Al Franken, and here in Colorado
What's the advantage of paying Limbaugh the big bucks when host stations in New York and Los Angeles with barely-there ratings lose out to public radio stations at the far end of the dial? And when Limbaugh's advertising base has absolutely shriveled since his self-inflicted Fluke wound?
“It was a business decision,” John Campanario, host of the LGBT talk forum Out And About and a digital marketing executive
"The easiest way I can explain it is this: Sexual orientation is who I go to bed WITH.  Gender Identity is who I go to bed AS."
By opting to publicly negotiate its contract and making it clear the broadcast company is willing to walk away from his program, Cumulus has delivered a once unthinkable blow to Limbaugh's industry prestige.
This is not the first controversy the company has been part of in recent years. Clear Channel, which hosts Rush Limbaugh's
What happened to the man who long ago did such an honorable and intelligent job hosting Channel 12's Colorado Inside Out? How did he end up having the respect of the paranoid right-wing and few others?
What happened to talk radio in Boston? I would point to three factors. And I would suggest that none of these are unique to our part of the country. Boston may be on the leading edge, but these same trends could sweep away talk elsewhere, too.
Radio behemoth Clear Channel, owned by Mitt Romney's Bain Capital and cousin of LiveNation and Ticketmaster, knows what you
Spira had plans to meet a friend for dinner in nearby Oak Brook at 8:30 p.m., but he never arrived. The following evening
Maybe this battle for the hearts and souls of America is more about Clear Channel vs. WFNX. In which world do you want to live?
Defendant Stu Olds often ridiculed plaintiff Laura Hagan about her accent, frequently commenting that her Spanish accent