It's unclear whether the president will consider the notorious Ponzi schemer's clemency petition.
The clemency granted to Brown, now 30, is a reminder that many Americans are imprisoned for crimes they committed as youths.
Aaron Sandusky is caged in a federal prison as he serves a 10-year sentence for running a state-legal medical marijuana business.
Johnson said she danced and screamed when she found out the president granted her clemency.
Seven congressmen warned that freeing the former governor could encourage public corruption.
Alice Marie Johnson was released from Aliceville Correctional Facility after President Donald Trump commuted her life sentence. The president had recently met with Kim Kardashian, who advocated on Johnson’s behalf in the Oval Office.
The reality star went to the White House in May to discuss prison reform with the president.
Trump touted second chances for former prisoners the day before he blasted California Gov. Jerry Brown for giving ex-convicts a ... second chance.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s latest move will boost resources for inmates asking for commutations and pardons.
President-elect Trump's nomination of Jeff Sessions for Attorney General suggests a climate of mercy and forgiveness will soon change.
I ask you, Mr. President, after you have crusaded against disproportionately long criminal sentences, who is counseling you to deny clemency to this one senior citizen?
NBC reports that she is on President Obama’s “short list” for commutation.
Regards Jack, and a tribute to you for the great work that you are doing. Your time as the Director of the Peace Corps in
The president has now granted commutations to nearly 1,200 federal prisoners.
In a Rolling Stone op-ed, the singer made a last minute request on behalf of federal inmates.