Most importantly, let's remember that someone, somewhere, is praying to live the miserable and stressful lives we think we are leading.
I know, I know. They're cute. You can peel their little Day-Glo skins in one continuous strip, and you can cradle them in
Deviled eggs have such a consistent, all-American appeal and a truly retro nature.
A few recipes that go beyond just shoving them into our faces by the handful.
These are the best way we can think of to celebrate the end of clementine season.
This story comes courtesy of Food GPS. By Joshua Lurie Joshua Lurie is the founder of Food GPS, a guide to Lurie's favorite
There's a fantastically wide array of them, too -- so many that we're taking two weeks to cover them all.
Right now there is an amazing variety of citrus fruits on store shelves, including ripe clementines, blood oranges and grapefruit, all of which are a welcome addition to the cold-weather mixological pantry.