Prosecutors say a secret society within the New York-based self-help group branded women with a leader’s initials.
Americans' confidence in religious leaders' honesty and ethical standards has been tanking in recent years.
Beijing abbot Shi Xuecheng is a well-known religious leader in China.
The symbolic gesture recalls Jesus' washing of the feet of his disciples before the Last Supper.
"We are a moral movement, rising up in resistance to the cruelness of this Congress."
Francis said the shortage of priests is an "enormous problem."
In a separate, in-depth study of 12 priests, participants reported that they felt pressure to be models of the divine. They
But what they found was strong evidence of a "honeymoon effect." God is watching over you: Are the faithful more likely to
Meeting 2: "I am so lucky to have found this church. My small group is one of the most life-giving bunches of people I've
Hey man - We have so much to learn from each other, and none of us have the full picture or the finished product. We need
All things considered, Schleifer and Chaves report, it is difficult to conclude that "clergy are underpaid relative to other
The church that was supposed to love, nurture, and support me -- the one I was baptized into, the one I pledged myself to at fourteen when I was confirmed -- has turned its back on me.
I am also feeling feelings because I know that our New York Annual Conference clergy session can be a place of courage and
The religious leaders released their letter on the eve of the church's General Conference.
Clergy who serve flocks that support them in their times of need and let their pastors know how much they mean to them are much more likely to be satisfied in their ministry and have a higher quality of life, according to a new study.