Clergy Letter Project

Although the First Amendment to the United States Constitution consists of only 107 words, it enshrines many critically important
We urge others, particularly politicians, to join us in making it clear that this is absolutely unacceptable.
The question is, will the 12 million members of this denomination opt to return to the scientific dark ages? Will they turn their collective backs on modern science?
Jerry Coyne and other "new atheists" share many values with religious leaders. If he would stop picking fights with those most likely to be his allies, he would dramatically improve science literacy.
Clergy are coming forward to educate their parishioners about theology while demonstrating that modern evolutionary theory can be perfectly compatible with their deeply held faith.
Al modestly described his actions at the 2008 General Conference of the United Methodist Church as having "quietly moved Methodism into the 21st century." But back at home, Al has paid a very high price for his actions.
Religious fundamentalists have begun promoting creationism in Russia -- and they are doing so using many of the same strategies and buzzwords adopted by fellow extremists in the United States.
The Discovery Institute and its main supporters, supporters who have pumped millions of dollars into their efforts, want to remake both science and the United States into their religious image.
It is difficult for some to understand how an evolutionary worldview may be compatible with deeply held religious convictions. But this difficulty is no reason to attack those who manage to comfortably balance the two.