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Cavaliers head coach Tony Bennett said the national champions “would have to respectfully decline an invitation" to Donald Trump's official residence.
The NBA player's refreshing attitude and advocacy is needed in the sports world — and beyond it.
The King is headed west with a $154 million, 4-year contract.
Kevin Durant was named Finals MVP for the second year in a row.
"I know whoever wins this series, no one wants an invite."
"It's a pretty cool deal to accomplish," the Warriors guard said.
King James might be surprised at what some people are saying about him on Twitter.
"Be better tomorrow," James told a room full of reporters.
It's his eighth straight year going to the finals.
Game-winning shot puts Cleveland up 3-2 in playoff series against Indiana.
Kardashian's boyfriend, NBA star Tristan Thompson, was accused of cheating days before the birth.
Kevin Love of the Cavaliers wants men to know that it's OK to talk about mental health.
The Cleveland Cavaliers star's shoes had the words "More Than An Athlete" emblazoned on them.
The Cleveland Cavaliers star said he will “talk about what’s really important” when it comes to the state of race relations in America.
An inarguably way-too-in-depth diary of a bonkers NBA trade deadline.