cleveland debate

The conservative governor defended his views in response to a question from Megyn Kelly.
JS: When she's talking policy, I always find her to be very compelling... There's something odd when she falls into that
I went back to the transcript. Hillary tried to pipe up -- but it was at that point that moderator Brian Williams insisted on breaking for a commercial. He told her to "hold that thought" -- but when they came back from commercial, Williams kicked off with a change of subject and a question for...Obama.
MR. WILLIAMS: Senator, as you two -- The following is the health care portion of last night's debate, exerpted from the transcript
From TNR: Advantage: Hillary?: So says New York Magazine: DailyKos' MissLaura: "Watching Clinton's posture as she listens
What kind of debate will this be? A hugs n' kisses lovefest or a no-holds-barred slugfest between one candidate riding high and the other desperate to pull herself back up?
This raging nun role she has decided to play for the last lap is not just not working -- it is turning into an ironic climax out of Greek tragedy.