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As a community, we need to somehow filter out all of the drama, brush past the confusion, and laser focus our attention.
"He would say, 'Tonya, forgive him' because they know not what they do."
“I’m not sure if Oreo was in need of us, or we were in need of Oreo."
There has been broad recognition that, for this change to happen and be sustainable, dialogue must continue and citizen, community and police engagement must occur. And, in Cleveland, the consensus has been that all groups are invited to the table.
This summer, 12 major corporations publicly identified policy roadblocks and called for new opportunities for collaboration with utilities and energy suppliers to increase their ability to buy clean, renewable energy.
Visiting delegates were greeted by a rally and a tour of Ohio Stadium on Wednesday, including other venues around the city
I understood Clevelanders who declared LeBron forever dead to them. Still, I have my own journey as a prodigal son who once had to leave Cleveland in order to grow up, only to later return so I could discover my real story.
Millions of homeowners are finding out that their property taxes are either holding steady or climbing, even as their houses
"Machine Gun" was the nickname of George Kelly, a Prohibition-era gangster. The rest seems to happen pretty fast, at least
If vouchers don't lead to higher achievement for low-income students -- and test scores suggest they do not -- then that removes a major educational rationale for voucher programs.
CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Former President Jimmy Carter was rushed to MetroHealth Medical Center on Tuesday morning immediately
The FBI says it is determined to hold corrupt public officials accountable but the Bureau needs our help. Let's not let it
Only two shows into Season 8, I'm hooked all over again. I already have my favorites, I already know who's going home sooner than later, and I think Season 8 has the makings of a really strong season.
CLEVELAND, Ohio (AP) -- Reggie Turner stopped by a growing memorial to 11 victims of an alleged serial killer because he