The signing caps a spurt of legislative victories for Biden and Congress, which Democrats hope will help the party in the upcoming midterm elections.
At least eight people were killed — some by drowning in their homes — and seven others were missing, while more rain was forecast.
Dermatologists and a meteorologist reveal how the UV index works, including a handy shadow trick for determining how much risk you're at.
Gov. Andy Beshear said he expects this to be "one of the most significant deadly floods" in Kentucky history.
The president acknowledged his agenda was trimmed down, but said the $740 billion agreement with members of his own party was still historic.
Turns out that moderate Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin (WV) can, in fact, work with his own party!
With many areas sweltering in triple digit temperatures, the heatwave gripping the US looks set to continue.
The U.K. is now facing the hottest day ever recorded as extreme temperature “red” warnings have been issued.
As climate change takes hold, extreme heat is becoming a growing problem in cities across the globe. While urban heat waves have a devastating effect on cities' populations, they also highlight grave inequalities in urban life. As global temperatures rise, our cities are facing an existential problem: How can they combat extreme heat?
Climate activists Pattie Gonia, Aneesa Khan, Anita Okunde and Isaias Hernandez debunk some of the common climate myths currently in debate. The campaigners set the record straight If you’ve ever heard: ‘plastic use is harmless’, ‘the environment can't be racist’, ‘carbon offsetting will save us’ or ‘it’s your fault’.