Hilda Heine said allegations of backdoor fossil fuel deal-making "undermine the integrity" of the international climate talks.
Gianluca Grimalda is an advocate of slow travel, but lost his job after refusing to fly home from a research trip on short notice.
Wilde wondered why Swift isn't dating a climate scientist, perhaps hinting at reports that the singer's private plane is a major carbon polluter.
It's the latest attempt by the secretary-general to capture the horrors of what will likely be the hottest year on record.
Tropical Storm Franklin is roaring toward the island of Hispaniola and bringing fears of deadly landslides and heavy flooding.
Officials said they were examining the possibility that the casualties were migrants who had entered the country from the nearby border with Turkey.
Republicans say people concerned about unprecedented heat around the world should just chill out.
Unless you work at a coal-fired power plant, last year was a great time to be employed in the American energy industry.
Three months ago virtually all of California was in drought, including at extreme and exceptional levels.
There's enough energy in spent uranium fuel to power the U.S. for over a century, but recycling waste was a challenge even in America's atomic glory days.