The draft mentions the need to cut emissions by 45% by 2030 from 2010 levels and achieve “net-zero” by mid-century.
The South American nation has pledged to end “illegal deforestation” by 2028. It could do that by legalizing what is currently against the law.
Climate change remains the greatest threat to the iconic structures, which are disappearing around the globe at dire rates.
"He’s not listening to us, he’s listening to Big Money," one group's leader said. "That’s why we’re here at his yacht in D.C. today.”
Just five weeks ago, temperatures soared in record-shattering hot weather that killed scores of the most vulnerable in June.
The 18-year-old Swedish climate activist shared her thoughts on the dire Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report.
Back-to-back mass bleaching events have devastated large parts of the reef, prompting dire warnings of climate change.
The documentarian reiterated his grief that society has destroyed large swaths of the natural world, but said humanity is “not beyond redemption.”
“It’s a warning that we need to take strong action,” said Leon Hermanson, a climate scientist at the United Kingdom’s Met Center who helped on the forecast.
During an virtual climate summit, President Joe Biden laid out a plan for the United States to combat the climate crisis.
"Greta Thunberg, best sniper on the net," one person responded on Twitter to the teen climate activist's post.
The oil giant belonged to one group that pushed for a rule designed to preempt banks' policies against lending for Arctic drilling and coal mining.
During his first official day in office, President Joe Biden crossed a lot of things off his to-do list and undid many of his predecessor’s policies.
Why companies are fighting for stricter energy laws.
Protecting the environment will make us healthier, so we can withstand the next pandemic — or prevent it.
The bill targets the airline industry for emissions cuts in particular.
The delayed COVID-19 response was met with swift condemnation. But outrage about the decades-long delay on climate change continues to be waved away as alarmism.
At least eight people have been killed by tornadoes that tore through Nashville, Tennessee.
Past outbreaks might offer insight into whether the spread of the COVID-19 virus will continue in the spring.
The 16-year-old climate activist earned the recognition for her fearless activism.