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World leaders have begun to get serious about fighting climate change, but we still face the incredible risk of a rising sea in this century and far into the future.
Climate Central reporter John Upton traveled to England and through the U.S. Southeast to investigate both ends of the global
Climate Central also created an interactive map showing the changing precipitation patterns over time. "Climate scientists
Recently, though, that gulf has been starting to ever so slowly narrow, more so in some states and regions than in others
“Really it’s a time where the understanding of climate and sea ice interaction around Antarctica is in a state of flux.” Wind
“In the wake of 2003, several of the big meteorology services, France and Germany, introduced new measures, heat health stress
If McConnell and the rest of Washington's climate-change deniers think EPA rules will harm the economy, what do they think will be the impact of worldwide food riots and coastlines washed away?
• Hurricanes: Superstorm Sandy was the second most damaging hurricane to hit the Atlantic coast on record. • Tornadoes: Still
Remember the rovers, NASA's Mars-trekking robots that have been roaming the red planet off and on since 2004? Well, here
According to Climate Central, "the NY metro area hosts the nation’s highest-density populations vulnerable to sea level rise
"Is this global warming?" "Is climate change to blame?" "Is the weather getting worse?" These are big -- almost existential -- questions. I suspect they are a polite way of asking, "Is this our fault?"