climate change agreement

For progressives, the last seven years could be as good as it gets.
The climate change agreement comes after two weeks of negotiations.
I hope that world leaders attending COP21 will listen to Pope Francis, act with courage and conviction and emerge from the conference with an agreement that, in the words of the Pope, "protects our common home."
President Obama's historic agreement Wednesday with President Xi Jinping of China is the kind of bold action needed to reinvigorate the world's efforts to slow and eventually reverse climate pollution.
The climate deal calls for the region to align its efforts in the fight against climate change. Proposed agreements include
Rather than negotiated targets and timetables, countries should be allowed to determine their own levels of commitment depending
(Reporting By Barbara Lewis and Alister Doyle in Oslo; Editing by Janet Lawrence) A Climate Action Tracker by scientists
WASHINGTON -- For the past year, China has struck an increasingly muscular position with the United States, berating American