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"The EU recently banned or restricted the use of certain pesticides that are dangerous to bees and is funding research into
Without further adieu, let's put aside the competition for a minute and see how climate change will be uniting all of our
If nothing else gets you antsy about climate change, the prospect of animals getting hot and heavy and creating mutant spawn
The animals below all play roles in the survival of the human species. Scroll through the list below to see how they can
From Mother Nature Network's Russell McLendon: Nature doesn't like to be rushed. But to keep up with climate change, many
The habitats of many common plants and animals will shrink dramatically this century unless governments act quickly to cut rising greenhouse gas emissions, scientists said on Sunday after studying 50,000 species around the world.
"It's very difficult to get the right balance between crying wolf and examining the facts," said Carsten Dormann, professor
When Rick Ostfeld heard about the sky-darkening flocks of birds descending this winter on Hopkinsville, Ky., he couldn't
The continental U.S. has just experienced the hottest 12 month period in recorded history. The West is on fire. The Maldives
Both captive and wild wolverines have been observed hiding food, such as meat taken from reindeer carcasses, creating caches