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The obvious answer was to do a genuinely representative, national survey. And the obvious partner was Eric Plutzer of Pennsylvania
A nationwide survey of 1,500 middle school and high school science teachers released Thursday found that nearly two-thirds
“I want to believe that these are honest mistakes and the publishers will fix them,” said Rosenau. The NCSE report says, “We
There are very serious issues affecting animals and the environment. My jungle characters began to speak up, and who was I to stand in their way?
January has just ended, yet ALEC has already planted its "Environmental Literacy Improvement Act" -- which mandates a "balanced" teaching of climate science in K-12 classrooms -- in the state legislatures of Oklahoma, Colorado, and Arizona so far this year.
If climate change is humanity's greatest challenge, a close second must be uniting people around the common goal of overcoming it.
Recently leaked budget documents from the Heartland Institute, the leading voice of climate change denialism, lay out plans to spend $100K on a phony K-12 science curriculum based on propaganda.
In his State of the Union speech this week, President Obama did not have a whole lot to say about climate change. But he did emphasize education. Does climate change science get a passing grade in America's classrooms?