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It's not causing them, but it might be making them worse.
In the large world beyond our borders, the impacts of climate change are being felt. In most cases, these impacts are being felt with even greater strength and causing even greater damage and sorrow.
The poll was conducted among 852 Americans between April 1 and April 14. It had a margin of error of 3.5 percentage points
A new study in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) finds global temperatures to be one of the best predictors of hurricane activity.
The climate is changing, it's getting warmer and dryer in some areas and wetter and more flood-prone in others. Extreme weather is the winner in this game of fossil fuel addition, and we are all losers if we don't change our dirty-energy habits.
A majority of Americans also felt that global warming worsened the six extreme-weather events asked about. For instance, 73
Everyone who engages in the business of growing, storing, packaging and selling food is being called on to creatively adapt to the tremendous food security challenges that are staring us in the face. That means we must all hunker down, collaborate and innovate to win the real world hunger games.
"If you look all over the world, we have a great disastrous drought in North America ... you have the same situation in the
It isn't the incremental changes in temperature associated with global warming that will necessarily have the biggest immediate effects; rather, it's that statistical inevitability -- the even bigger extreme events -- that will cause massive die-offs.
These murky relationships and end-runs around science were hallmarks of previous administrations that disdained science. Has the Obama administration signed on as well?
Just as we would never ask whether a single individual smoker's story constitutes proof or disproof of the theory that smoking causes cancer, we should not look at extreme weather events in isolation.
Hayhoe, other scientists, civic planners and a manager at the giant Swiss Re reinsurance firm all cited human-caused climate