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To protect our climate, the president must act today. To preserve his climate legacy, he has to keep fossil fuels in the ground -- and that means taking every measure he can to stop the export of America's dirty crude oil.
We have become a generation of people who refuse to give up the convenience of our lifestyles despite the severity of the problem we have collectively created.
Barack Obama and Franklin Delano Roosevelt came to the presidency from very different worlds and with very different temperaments, but they shared one defining trait: When the country was at risk and the Congress failed to act, the very cerebral Obama and the politically intuitive FDR both reached for and employed the executive powers inherent in the office to deal forcefully with the threats.
The Islamic State may be the most immediate challenge facing the Defense Department, but Secretary Chuck Hagel said Wednesday that one of the biggest long-term security threats to the U.S. isn't a terrorist group. It's climate change.
WASHINGTON -- The Islamic State may be the most immediate challenge facing the Defense Department, but Secretary Chuck Hagel
Reducing emissions of the short-lived pollutants offers the chance to slow global warming in the near-term while diplomats
___ Obama also will announce more aggressive steps to increase efficiency for appliances such as refrigerators and lamps
Email and Twitter are flooded with joyful electrons in anticipation of Obama's big speech on global climate change Tuesday. Climate hawks also have a job to do. It's to demonstrate that there is political reward for leaders who confront the realities of global warming.
The Obama administration used a number of tools on climate and energy issues during the president's first term. But deeper in his toolbox are several authorities whose potential applications for climate disruption and clean energy are not as well known.
The climate cliff may be farther from our current position than any fiscal precipice, but once we start down the road toward it, there will be no turning back.
The challenge is to expand that process to the rest of the federal government, said Trembath, an effort that is already underway
Public opinion appears receptive to climate change as well. About 73 percent of Democrats, 63 percent of independents and
Scientist Lawrence Krauss, who is co-chair of the bulletin’s Board of Sponsors, said the latest clock setting is "not good
I'm knee-deep in reading the draft version of the U.S. National Climate Assessment. If last year's record number of wildfires, droughts, and extreme heat days didn't convince you of the dangers of a destabilizing climate, then perhaps this report from 240 of the country's top climate scientists will.
Climate change puts us all at risk -- the 47 percent, the 99 percent and the 1 percent -- whether our state is red or blue. We need a president who understands what's happening to our world and will act -- and has acted -- to address this grave and gathering threat.
CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story incorrectly reported that Becker was pleased the president had not mentioned
Sixty-one percent of the undecided voters said they see global warming as an "important issue" they'll consider when making
President Obama's failure to speak out repeatedly on the urgency of climate action is his biggest communications mistake. If our leaders don't talk about an issue, it generally won't become sufficiently salient for either the media or the public.
Which presidential candidate would be better for the environment? In short, we have one that finds it a non-issue, and we have one that feels it's an important one.