climate change refugees

A study predicts climate change will cause sweltering temperatures and extreme dust storms that will leave the region uninhabitable.
Tesla's CEO says the Volkswagen scandal is minor compared with carbon dioxide emissions.
Howard is Tony's cousin, and Weyiouanna is one of the more common family names in town. When we met in the city council building
If this tragedy can happen to us, who will it happen to next? Modern man has created the situation we are in, and it's up to modern man to fix it. Will we?
Climate change is one of the greatest moral disasters of human history, because the people who will suffer the most have been the least responsible for its cause. Those of us in the developed countries somehow think that we will escape its results, turning away from the hundreds of millions who will be caught in the whirlwind of misery that is coming.
Advocates for the victims of climate change often use the evocative terms "climate change refugee" when referring to individuals who must relocate due to climate change related impacts.
The Green Revolution was accomplished largely by doubling the amount of irrigated land. Hundreds of millions of wells now reach into the earth like straws in a thick drink on a hot day. But as with many things, we're taking more water than we're getting.
The environmental movement has struggled to make global warming a priority among the world's community. It isn't the flashiest
Africa is already home to one-third of the 42 million people worldwide uprooted by ethnic slaughter, despots and war. But