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Republicans have so far been largely silent on President Barack Obama's surprise announcement of a climate deal between the
"You don't have to worry about global warming anymore, because the Senate sure won't," Stephen Colbert quipped on Thursday's
In a condemnatory speech last week against the Obama administration’s new Environmental Protection Agency carbon emission
Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, a longtime member of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology, recently brushed aside concern that the wildfires currently scorching across his state and causing millions of dollars of damage have anything to do with climate change.
Meanwhile, the congressional body designed to address climate change and its causes has been stacked with Republicans who
The policy paper that accompanied Obama's announcement mentions potential job growth stemming from the proposed measures
Former vice president and environmental advocate Al Gore blasted the choice of Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) to give the Republican
An evangelical minister for over 30 years, the Reverend Richard Cizik has been deeply criticized by the GOP and his faith-based community for supporting green climate initiatives. He is nevertheless deeply committed to getting his fellow constituents on his side.
One would think that with the evidence of climate change progressing -- and costing the U.S. economy real money -- Washington would redouble its efforts to take action.