Climate Crisis

The lethal storms will edge eastward to strike more frequently in the more populous Southern states, like Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee, the study predicts.
It's not just a government problem — but they are the most influential players in this game.
Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) leaves behind a legacy of climate disinformation, and a small army of pro-industry contrarians.
Negotiators at a United Nations conference have yet to resolve how to protect biodiversity and provide funding to poor countries as talks reach their their final stages.
Associate Director-at-Large at Lawrence Livermore National Lab Jane Long joins Josh to discuss emerging technologies that may help us to fight climate change.
But there's no indication the move will affect what users post on the platform.
In a survey of more than 30 nations, some 29% of Americans -- the highest percentage of any country -- said they don't worry at all about climate change.
The past eight years have been the eight hottest ever recorded on the planet.
COP26 was hailed as a last-gasp chance to halt the climate crisis before it destroys our way of life for good. Did it work?
Months after scientists warned of "code red for humanity," the world's two carbon superpowers are arriving with lackluster solutions to an increasingly desperate problem.