climate debt

All is not lost, researchers warn, but we need to act swiftly.
Over the next few decades, tens of millions of people will be driven from their homes. Unlike other refugees, though, their plight won't be blamed simply on the familiar horrors of war or persecution; they'll blame the weather.
Today, every office in the small South American nation of Bolivia is closed as the country celebrates its 185th Independence Day. Every office, that is, but the tiny, sparsely equipped mayoral office of Pasorapa.
After refusing to publicly commit to any numerical target for reducing emissions, China seemingly out of the blue announced it would reduce its carbon intensity by 2012.
As the chaos of climate change forces unprecedented demographic shifts, we may see yet more labels, more borderlands turned into disaster zones or even battlefields.
So we are very interested in hearing how civil society can help push the U.S. to make these negotiations a higher priority
The high polluters have gotten wealthy using up the available carbon budget of the atmosphere and should compensate the low polluters for the damage caused.
I worry that important discussions might be left out when all we worry about are the pragmatics of getting the public to care, or with getting an agreement in Copenhagen, no matter the cost.