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These are questions we asked throughout the recent climate talks in Marrakesh, Morocco, resulting in three stories on Ecosystem
"I've been told by some of the staff it's been useful to them," White told SNL Energy Finance Daily in a recent interview
How does that pan out in terms of his record in the Congress (2000-2012) and as Governor (2013-2016)? Well, if you are not within his particular spectrum of religious beliefs, it's not good news.
Naomi Oreskes is cherry-picking and distorting scientific evidence to cloud the public understanding of scientific facts to advance a political agenda.
Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) can throw all the snowballs he wants on the Senate floor, but he can't fool the majority of Americans into denying climate change.
He dodges around the science and refuses to offer a single plan. This bobbing and weaving may leave some GOP heads spinning. Conservatives will want more forthright climate denial, while the half of all Republicans who favor government limits on carbon pollution support acting on climate.
You'd think that as a physician, Sen. Paul would understand the importance of clean air and clean water to human health. You'd think that as a politician, he'd understand that voters don't want to elect leaders who are advocating the big-polluter agenda.
"The debate concerning the belief that unlimited corporate, privatized growth is tatamount to the jeapordizing of an entire
The outspoken radio host is making waves after criticizing a recent speech by Secretary of State John Kerry. Kerry, an ardent
Few would have predicted a decade ago that the state known for oil gushers and wildcatters would get this kind of green makeover
Google's campaign contributions tend to be split about evenly between Democrats and Republicans. In June, The Washington
In an op-ed in the Salt Lake Tribune this past weekend, Stewart repeated a litany of climate change denial tropes before
Notorious climate denier Lord (or Viscount, according to the Guardian) Monckton caused heads to shake on Wednesday when he referred to youth climate activists as "crazed Hitler Youth."